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Text Mining

Sometimes more than 80% of corporate information is stored in form of text. Such information includes the results of document workflow systems operation, web-pages, blogs, articles, CVs, customer profiles, researches, memoranda, etc. Dozens and hundreds of gigabytes of text. It is practically impossible to read, classify and analyze this huge volume of data manually.

Meanwhile, text information can contain unique hidden knowledge that helps to get a broader picture of what is going on and increase the efficiency of taken decisions. The importance of the knowledge extracted from a text is often comparable to the complexity of their extraction. That’s why sophisticated linguistic methods and the entire range of advanced analytics tools incorporated into one general concept called Text Mining are used to develop unstructured information automatic analysis systems. This technology is widely used to solve real tasks – beginning with the analysis of call-centers records and equipment logs to the arrangement of intelligent searching and fundamental market news record keeping.

Faunus Analytics provides various services in the field of Text Mining. Our experts will help your company to consolidate and turn unstructured text information to a valuable asset using the following:

  • Automatic search and correction of grammar, punctuation, syntax and orthographical mistakes
  • Automatic selection and communication of key terms and phrases in documents
  • Selection of various staff (date, place, event, names, URL addresses, etc.)
  • Grouping (clustering) of close in meaning documents (including hierarchical grouping)
  • Search for documents or terms close in meaning to the specified document or term
  • Development of stop lists and dictionaries of synonyms
  • Forecasting based on the results of Text Mining algorithms operation

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