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Optimization & Operations research

A company’s activity is based on a lot of interrelated processes that have to operate within the framework of different constraints (financial, hardware, competitive, regulatory, etc). Improvement and acceleration of business mechanisms operation without additional sources involvement (optimization) is one of the most actual problems which solution to a large extent determines the successfulness and efficiency of the enterprise.

Advanced analytics provides ample opportunities for optimization of complex processes consisting of hundreds of steps and thousands of parameters (supply chains and marketing campaigns management, creation of investment portfolios, client mass service, resources planning, traffic stream routing, etc.).

Faunus Analytics provides various services in the field of processes and systems optimization applying operation research (finding optimum solutions on the basis of mathematical and statistical modeling with respect to different human activities). We help our clients to reach more and expend less applying the following:

  • • Mathematical programming
    • Linear programming
    • Integer linear programming
    • Quadratic and general nonlinear programming
    • Network flow optimization
  • Constraint Programming
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Study of queue systems with the help of event discrete flow modeling

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