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Data Mining

As automation came to be perfected, transaction data bulk reflecting the history of mutual relations with clients, sales, services, etc. accumulates in companies’ information warehouses. These data can hide unobvious knowledge of groups and interrelation of business processes elements, dynamics of their characteristics, etc. Generally, this knowledge can be used for optimal control and business efficiency improvement.

Data Mining means are the basis for most methods and advanced analytics tools. They are widely used to solve tasks on knowledge extraction from data. Faunus Analytics provides the following services in the field of Data Mining:

  • Detection of groupings in transaction data
  • Clustering of objects
  • Detection of statistical links between objects properties
  • Detection of hidden (latent) parameters of objects
  • Estimation of complex multidimensional statistical distribution
  • Estimation of unknown parameters of objects on the basis of the known parameters (filling of gaps in data)
  • Objects behavior forecasting

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