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Business Intelligence

Presentation of information processing results in a clear and comprehensive form in combination with interactive analysis means helps to find precise answers to the questions what is going on at the company and why it is going on. Faunus Analytics offers a wide range of services in the field of Business Intelligence to get the maximum benefit from advanced analytics systems use.

Data visualization is used to prepare reports on implemented projects, deliver the results of systems and models operation up to end users. In comparison with the standard table presentation use of business graphics possibilities allows to bring out a full potential contained in data.

Analysts and employees responsible for making decisions get a possibility to analyze data, find hidden relationships and patterns, determine events causes, detect long-term trends, forecast. We offer the following:

  • Drawing up static and dynamic reports of optional complexity
  • A full range of different graphs and diagrams including special statistical graphs and diagrams
  • Displaying tree structures, networks and other nonstandard data representations
  • 2D and 3D displaying, plenty of ready projections, time-based animation of processes
  • Integration with maps and geographic information systems
  • Creation of interactive visual components (Java, ActiveX, Flash)
  • Export into all well-known graphics formats through CGM mechanism (Computer Graphics Metafiles)

Ad-hoc reporting and OLAP are used for interactive analysis of large data volumes, creation of user queries and preparation of complex reports. They allow to find answers to the questions «What is the problem?» and «Where a solution can be found?» not using the services of IT-department. We offer the following:

  • Creation of OLAP cubes and information maps on the basis of various data sources
  • Implementation of a complicated business logic using MDX technology
  • Integration of the results with popular office applications

Performance management. Performance management systems represent integrated web-applications consisting of management Dashboards, Key performance indicators (KPI), Strategic maps and Alerts. The systems are designed primarily for managers and allow to control company management and development processes more effectively, immediately detect and solve more critical for business tasks, reduce the gap between actual and planned values. We offer the following:

  • Development of key performance indicators (KPI) and strategic maps
  • Management dashboards building
  • Embedding of static and dynamic components of data visualization, Ad-hoc reporting tools and OLAP into management dashboards
  • Information display personalization
  • Alerts setting up for various delivery channels
  • Integration of management dashboards with popular information delivery portals, web-applications, third party components
  • Corporate style design

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