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Telecommunication industry is the most high-developing industry considering the growth of the client base and the level of provided services. Working under conditions of severe competition companies always have to create new schemes of subscribers acquisition and retention; that results in plenty of expenses: beginning with personnel quantity increase to support systems appreciation and complication of the revenue management chain. Such changes impact on the quantity of «raw» information generated as a result of the operating activity. Every day data warehouses are renewed by tens and hundreds of gigabytes of data related to calls, services, subscribers, etc.

Sooner or later a question arises – what to do with all these data, how to turn them to knowledge? Problems that operators face are extremely diverse: from increase of ARPU (average profit per user) creating individualized offers to fight against fraud and collection of arrears.

Advanced analytics allows mobile and fixed network operators, Internet providers and IT companies to solve specific industry problems in the optimal way, improve business results, manage the efficiency and reach target goals quicker.

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