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Retail trade (including FMCG/SMCG) is characterized by a substantial amount of quite simple transactions, a complicated product range and a variety of such specific factors as seasonality, shelf life, warehouse space limitation, etc.

Under ever-changing internal and external conditions companies prefer to avoid direct price competition and give preference to more high-tech methods of struggling for the customer. Initial automation stage (implementation of ERP, SCM, WMS-systems and RFID) made cheaper and simplified the process of recording information on goods, suppliers, warehouses and customers. This information, cleared and uploaded into the data warehouse, contains unique (often hidden) knowledge that can be used to improve business results and solve most diverse tasks:

  • Financial indicators calculation (profitability, turnover)
  • Classification of customers on the basis of their behavior
  • Forecasting and boosting of demand for goods
  • Planning and optimization of in-storage stock and supplies considering demand forecast
  • Efficient management of goods placement in the display area and on the shelves
  • Effective analysis and work with claims
  • Suppliers’ reliability monitoring
  • Arrears management
  • Increase of customer loyalty
  • Detection and prevention of outflow

Advanced analytics is an ideal tool for complex solution of the above mentioned tasks allowing to increase the efficiency of retail trade processes significantly.

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