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Company’s Profile

Faunus Analytics provides a full range of services in the field of advanced analytics and business intelligence. We offer our clients solutions and technologies allowing to gain the maximum effect from corporate data use, to turn the available information to knowledge and the knowledge – to competitive edges. We help to find statistically valid answers to the questions crucial for any business:

  • What happens?
  • Why does it happen?
  • What will happen later?
  • How the results can be improved?.

The skeleton staff of the company consists of specialists having long experience in solution of applied analytical tasks for enterprises from different industries. Our employees have rich expertise in the field of data analysis, statistics, forecasting, econometrics, business consulting and management. Finished successful projects allow us to conduct a dialog with the customer exclusively in the language of his/her business, hiding, if possible, the «scientific» basis of the systems being created.

We know that each set task is unique and requires particular approach. That’s why to develop solutions we use a broad spectrum of products and technologies – from industrial platforms of the world leading vendors to open source software and our own developments.

Our main technological expertise is concentrated on
SAS Institute products. Moreover, depending on specific tasks there are competencies in the field of Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle, R and other platforms that can also be used.

We want our offers to be most corresponding to the timeframe and budget of a project of any scale. To reach it, we apply a system of planning of available and engaged resources that is based on the best practices.

Irrespective of whether you implement your first analytical system or improve the existing for a long time analytical system, we do not just answer your question and disappear. We provide a complex solution of the task and help to make it a part of your business.

Our research work and approach to personnel selection allow to improve the quality of provided services, increase business and technological expertise, use advanced scientific achievements in the field of advanced analytics to solve tasks set by our customers.

Describe your task and we will try to help you!

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