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Risk management


Any business involves risks. In most organizations risk management process usually represents a set of rarely updated documents, calculation methods and coefficients based on incomplete, outdated and contradictory data. Managers and responsible executives can detect and estimate the existing threats just casually because they do not have a possibility to find out their exact causes. Even if a company has historical data on incidents and their consequences, standard means cannot define and formalize the concept “risk”, determine how it can be measured, where it came from and what the best way to respond to it is.


Faunus Analytics has a sound experience in solving of tasks relating to management of various risks (including industry specific). We offer complex services that help companies of any scale and specialization to:

  • Determine risks and risk categories combining threats and events (losses) accurately
  • Assess risks, probability of their uprise and factors influencing it
  • Forecast the development of existing risks and uprise of new possible risks
  • Develop risk maps, key risk indicators (KRI) and specify goals
  • Monitor risk development and its environment
  • Establish priorities to risk groups, determine response methods
  • Work out a strategy on reduction of possible losses and risk hedging
  • Improve efficiency of decision-making due to clear division of operating actions between managers of different levels
  • Create a complex risk management system involving all processes, technologies and personnel of an enterprise
  • Adjust system flexible adaptation mechanisms to varying external and internal conditions, requirements of regulators, shareholders, investors, etc.

Credit risks for banks and financial sector companies. Under unstable economical conditions banks and financial sector companies are forced to consider the matters of credit risks management, generation of loss reserves and economical capital modeling extremely carefully. Advanced analytics means allow to assess with precision and substantially reduce risks of possible losses due to a more efficient:

  • Calculation of a minimum sufficient capital
  • Modeling of credit risk assessment
  • Provision of information on risks and reports to investors and regulatory bodies

Operational risks. Complication of organization business processes, increase in the number of involved employees and instability of external environment create favorable conditions for operational risks uprise due to business support systems disabling, data input errors, security violation, fraud, regulatory documents change, etc. Advanced analytics systems allow to determine, assess and manage all types of operational risks efficiently by:

  • Creation of losses databases
  • Revelation of operational risks uprise reasons
  • Modeling of operational risks
  • Monitoring of operational risks

Telco revenue assurance. Telecommunication industry is the most fast-developing industry considering technologies. Growing data volumes, non-voice and IP services, complication of business support and operating activity systems, hundreds of new subscribers every day – all these increase the possibility of “leakages” in the revenue management chain.

Advanced analytics allows operators to reduce risks and pare losses suffered due to accidental or intentional errors as well as fraud in communication networks, mediation systems, billing, roaming, interconnect and debts collection.

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