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Information technologies


Information technologies are the basis for the operating activity of any modern enterprise. For some types of companies (internet providers, banks, mobile service providers) continuous running of IT systems is a critically important factor directly influencing the reputation and profit. To provide high quality of service and stable business development, both regular and thorough analysis of IT operation and understanding of what factors influence incidents occurrence, how to prevent and minimize errors consequences in future are necessary.


Advanced analytics tools allow to increase the efficiency of processes of building, monitoring, updating and utilization of IT infrastructure components. Methods and instruments of applied statistics, forecasting and optimization can be used to solve a broad spectrum of tasks (physical and virtual IT resources management, SLA, cost minimization, etc.).

Faunus Analytics offers a range of services allowing to determine and classify IT problems before they lead to undesirable or even disastrous effects. We solve the following tasks:

  • IT-infrastructure optimization
  • Log Mining
  • IT resources and SLA efficiency management

If you want to find out more information about each task and it's solution, contact us or leave your request for services.

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