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Customer intelligence


Customers are the main value for any business. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are implemented and used everywhere. Overwhelmingly system data just make a certain type of operating activity (filing of applications, processing of sales, etc.) automatic at the same time generating huge volumes of “raw” actual data.

Companies want to attract more customers, increase loyalty of their current customers and push up sales. It becomes more difficult to do it under conditions of escalating competition. Data of operating CRM systems and new communication means that become more and more popular (Internet, mobile communication) are what we have at the input. Knowledge is what we need at the output. Knowledge that can help to find answers to questions that are the key questions for any organization:

About customers. Why do customers leave and stay, what influences their profitability, why do they behave in a certain way, how can they be attracted and retained, how their satisfaction degree can be measured?

About goods. How to optimize a product line, what goods are worth or not to be sold together, how do consumers react to certain goods and brands?

About markets. How to expand into new markets, how stable is the market situation, what are competitors planning, how the influence degree of players and their interest can be measured?


Advanced analytics tools are ideally suited for solution of various CRM tasks, both standard and nonstandard (collection of debts). Faunus Analytics provides a full range of services in the field of customer intelligence:

  • Profiling and segmentation of customers
  • Survival analysis
  • Churn detection \ Customer retention
  • Cross-sales \ Up-sales
  • Direct marketing
  • Event-based marketing & Real-time marketing
  • Optimization of marketing campaigns
  • Visualization of customer analytics

If you want to find out more information about each service, contact us or leave your request for services.

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