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Text Mining for contact centers


Under sharpening conditions of struggling for the customer and development of complicated sales algorithms, the company’s contact center can become an important source of competitive advantage. Indeed, organizations having more efficient contact centers usually have more satisfied customers, less operating expenses and larger profit. To obtain such results, sets of key metrics (dialing, average holding time, number of switchings, profit per operator, expenditures connected with connection, etc.) are monitored and analyzed. It is thought that these parameters improvement influences the operational efficiency of a contact center and the business in whole.

But it is not so. Efficiency enhancement methods are not limited to a shallow analysis of calls parameters. A real value is contained in the information that was considered absolutely useless for analysis until recently. This refers to unstructured data, large amounts of which are collected as a result of any communications with current or potential customers: calls, opinions, wishes, operator’s comments, digitalized dialogs, documents, equipment logs, etc.


Advanced analytics allows to turn huge volumes of text information to unique knowledge and use them to reach target goals quicker. Customers’ needs, wishes, problem service points, product defects, etc. – all these can be extracted and analyzed by a set of modern technologies known as Text Mining. Faunus Analytics provides the following services in this field:

  • Improving of text quality
  • Clustering
  • Automatic abstracting
  • Parsing & standartization

If you want to find out more information about each service, contact us or leave your request for services.

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